Cloud Optimization - Migrating AWS Resources to Low Latency Region

About Client

An ICT solution provider established in 2007 headquartered in KSA, with an extended geographical presence in the Middle East, Africa & Europe.

Business Need

The client wanted to look for a new partner as the existing AWS partner was unable to resolve performance issues and could not provide adequate support.

Requirement specifications: –

Discontinuing the old account.

Non-Standard Deployment and practices.

Avoid lock in with AWS Directory Service as Primary DC.

Application-level performance and connectivity issues.

CCS Solution

CCS performed a gap-analysis of the client’s existing IT landscape and outlined the benefits out of Region/Account migration.

Implemented best practice for securing the application access.

Moved the AWS resources to low latency region for better speed and throughput.

Refactored the infra to multiple layers to improve performance.

Right-sized and provisioned the optimal resources based on workloads.

Seamless migration across region and AWS Accounts with minimum downtime.

Automated the runtime of the Infra and MSSQL Backup jobs.

Proper Backup and retention of EC2 Instances and DB level backups.

Secured the application access using network security groups and VPN.

Decommissioned the old account after successful migration.

Business Benefits

End users achieved faster access.

Huge improvement in app performances.

Incorporated automated Backup and Cold DR without additional charges to the client.

Automated VM Start/Stop and helped client save 50% on the TCO.

Provided seamless user experience without any major downtime.

Made it possible for the client to easily scale up/scale down as per business needs.

Deploying new application features and upgrades are much faster.

Met the client’s security requirements.

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