As the world moves from digital to the post-digital world and the underlying technologies continue to evolve rapidly, we at CCS have concentrated our efforts to develop strong expertise in few select focus areas. We accomplish this through a combination of client engagements and building industry-specific POCs. Over the last few years, we have been steadily building expertise in the following areas:


Irrespective of the industry you operate in, we work with your data to bring out vital information needed to sustain and scale your business. Along with the evolution of Cloud, Data analytics has emerged in the last decade, empowering enterprises to turn big data into intelligence and take sharper decisions.

CCS experts have guided numerous clients to tap into the insights derived from data. With quick turnaround times, we clean-up, reorganize, and process data to bring out actionable business insights. Our functional expertise spans across industries and domains, allowing us to solve business problems for a widespread audience.

We Offer Insights Into

Structured data

Semi-structured data

Our on-premise and cloud solutions are designed meticulously to fit the varying business needs of our customers.

AI & ML Enabled Services

Within the broad spectrum of AI & ML, CCS has consciously chosen to build competence and offer services in select spaces where we can genuinely add value to our clients.

Financial forecasting, deep language content analysis, automating online customer support, image and video analysis are some of the solutions we offer in AI/ML by leveraging cloud platforms. Our service offerings leverage cloud platforms to build AI & Natural Language Processing (NLP) enabled solutions with cognitive capabilities. Our cloud-based approach helps us deliver faster and at lesser costs to ensure you achieve your planned business goals.

We Offer

Customer Engagement Solutions

Employee Engagement & Info Solutions

Cost-optimized 24*7 services



Process automation continues to emerge as a popular measure that businesses adopt to reduce manual/human dependencies for repetitive tasks. At CCS, we audit your processes, guide you to identify areas where you can save person-hours, and gradually enable teams to enhance productivity.

CCS Experts help in use-case identification, value assessment, enabling preparedness, workflow simplification, and eventually implement robotic process automation tools that benefit businesses.

IoT Enabled services

The vast ecosystem of the IoT world comprises multiple layers such as devices, data, platforms, and applications. At CCS, we primarily focus on the data analytics layer.

We believe that for successful IoT implementations, a balance between domain and technology solution consultants is crucial. At CCS, we blend our expertise in implementing and supporting IoT solutions to our domain strengths to offer unparalleled services to our clients.

Our Domain Strengths

Shipping & Logistics



Trading & Distribution

Print Media

IoT is one of our flagship offerings that combines all our other technology service offerings to give customers the winning edge.

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