Maintain a lean in-house IT Infrastructure team and let us help you manage and support your IT infrastructure seamlessly. At CCS, our team has over 1500+ person-years of combined experience in both Cloud Infrastructure and in the Infrastructure Management space.

We have assisted over 50+ Enterprise customers across the globe with extensive expertise across - one-time infrastructure set up, upgrades and migration, setting up of SD-WAN, DevOps infrastructure set up, remote infrastructure monitoring, NOC/SOC operations, IoT monitoring, cloud set up, workload migration, managed cloud services, and O365 migration.

Infra Setup

Whether you plan to add new locations with new IT infrastructure or want to set up a centralized IT infrastructure, we have you covered. Rely on us to manage end-to-end IT infrastructure setup and implementation.

CCS Infrastructure team follows an efficient and secure approach in setting up your IT Infrastructure remotely. With an innovative model that includes the ITIL ® Service Strategy and Service design framework, our teams have done more than 50+ implementations globally.

Service Offerings

Server Virtualization

End point Security

Storage Implementation

Data Backup & Restoration

Tools Implementation

Infra Upgrades & Migration

We understand that most businesses cannot afford any downtime. Whether you plan to update to the latest version of the Operating System, Firmware, or Security Patches, we ensure seamless upgrades without disrupting your business operations.

CCS focuses on timely upgrades and ensures zero-downtime migrations. Our expert team leverages the ITIL ® Service transition framework for all upgrades and migrations.

Major Infrastructure

Hardware Sustainability

Infrastructure Migration


Network Management is the need of the hour for any Enterprise in today’s globalized economy. Enhance your connectivity while controlling costs on overall WAN maintenance with CCS Technologies.

CCS enables software-defined network technology to seamlessly manage your network, whether you do it on-premise or on the cloud. SD-WAN solutions provide you real-time network bandwidth monitoring, improved connectivity, and helps you manage WAN and LAN bandwidth between your offices and data centers (on-premise or cloud) better.

Service Offerings

DDOS Protection

WAN to SD-WAN Migration

SD-WAN Management

Network Bandwidth


As many organizations adopt DevOps and migrate their apps to the cloud, we establish the right set of tools used in building, testing, and deployment processes.

At CCS, we help you set up the CI/CD flow, starting from source code management to build automation, test automation, and deployment with continuous monitoring and containerization for seamless business delivery.

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NOC Services

Your IT Infrastructure needs 24*7 monitoring to ensure proper maintenance, uptime, and overall stability of the network.

Employing a predictive approach, we monitor and manage your IT Infrastructure completely – including every network, server, databases, and its devices. We follow a diligent combination of efficient processes of ITIL Service management and a technology-based approach. Our Managed Services team uses continual service improvement with a variety of tools to help performance monitoring, availability management, configuration management, security security monitoring.

24/7 Event Monitoring

Incident Management

Problem Management

Change Management

Asset and Configuration Management

Provisioning Support

KEDB and Runbook Services

Service Offerings

Tools used for NOC Services

SOC Services

In today’s digital world, security for applications and infrastructure is an essential requirement for every enterprise.

CCS Technologies is an emerging class of SOC provider with capabilities to provide services beyond basic Security Monitoring. CCS SOC teams offer executive-level cybersecurity advisory services and management of other fundamental security capabilities, including vulnerability assessment, patch management and compliance reporting.

Service Offerings

24/7 Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM)

Threat Analysis

Behavioral Monitoring

Security Incident Response

Patch Antivirus and Malware Management

Provisioning Support

KEDB and Runbook Services

Industrial IoT Support

Several manufacturing and logistics businesses are increasingly adopting IoT devices to optimize utilization and efficiencies, be it in equipment maintenance or transportation of perishable goods. Such initiatives require continuous monitoring and timely alerts.

With CCS IIoT support services, you can benefit from predictive maintenance, asset optimization, production integration, smart monitoring, remote diagnosis, and intelligent decision-making. We have certified experts who follow a proven Tool-chain implementation to provide seamless support.

Service Offerings

Real-Time Monitoring

Device Maintenance

Device Tuning and Performance Optimization

IoT Device Asset Management

Database Management

Large databases need timely and robust practices to administrate, secure, and manage data that are aligned to the business. Enterprise and Customer Data, which undergoes various changes every day and every hour, need effective database management.

With a team of certified consultants across multiple databases, CCS helps you with the right approach to on-premise database administration and management. With CCS, you can be assured of 24* 7 performance monitoring, tuning and administration.

Database Lifecycle Management

End-to-end monitoring
Storage policies and regulations
Tuning, maintenance and service improvements

Database Tuning and Upgrades

Health checks
Load balancing
Capacity upgrades and Performance tuning

Remote Database Administration

Offshore support
On-Call support
One time implementation

Database Migration Services

Platform migration
Server migration

Database Support Services

Patching & Clustering
Replication, Cloning & Log shipping

Backup Assurance and Disaster Recovery Services

Backup policies and Restoration drills
Business continuity procedures & setup

Database Expertise

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CCS BASIS team offers expert monitoring and support to clients that prefer to maintain a minimal in-house SAP team. We adopt a mix of passive and active monitoring of the application and database to provide timely support and management based on client needs.

With over 100+ person-years of SAP BASIS experience and in-depth expertise in SAP R/3, ECC, S/4HANA, BW, PO, BPC, SolMan, we offer end-to-end SAP ERP administration.

Monitoring Support


Performance monitoring

System availability

SAP health

Operating system

spool system

Operations Support

Backup & Recovery

Transport system

database administration

OS patching

Performance tuning

Managed Services

Incident Management

Bug fixes

Performance crashes

System critical issues

End-to-End Service

One-time Projects

Greenfield implementation

version upgrades

Migrations from one environment to another

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Cloud Advisory

With the exponential rise in cloud adoption, many organizations take uninformed decisions leading to failed implementations and significant cost overruns.

It is critical that organizations identify the right cloud strategy (all-cloud or hybrid), select the right cloud partner, identify applications and infrastructure that is conducive to run in a cloud environment, measure the impact of ongoing costs based on usage, and then devise a clear migration approach.

Our Cloud Advisory takes a 360-degree view of your current IT estate, business drivers, and future requirements to craft an appropriate solution and roadmap that works for you.

Service Offerings



Cost Benefits

Overall Infrastructure

Cloud Setup

Scalability and reliability is something that Enterprises will place great emphasis on when migrating to cloud-based applications.

At CCS Technologies, our experts help clients globally to set up high performing private, public, or hybrid cloud environments customized to suit their unique business needs. With certified cloud solution associates and experts on leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, we ensure your migration to the cloud is smooth and glitch-free.

Service Offerings

Building of Cloud Infrastructure or Private Cloud

PaaS setup on AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, SAP, and Alibaba.

SaaS solutions for various industries like Telecom, Media, Manufacturing, BFSI, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, etc.

Cloud Integration Services

Deployment and Hybrid Infrastructure Services

Security Services

Workload Migration

The migration of legacy applications and databases to the cloud is always a challenging activity. However, with the right strategy and meticulous execution, workload migration can be made seamless.

At CCS Technologies, we manage all technical, service, and commercial aspects of migrating your legacy systems to the cloud. Our team of experts offers guidance on suitable migration strategies for moving data and applications from on-premise to the cloud, or for moving from one cloud service provider to another. We take care of every aspect of migration and leave you with a hassle-free optimized setup on the cloud with zero downtime.

Legacy application

Data & software systems

Services migration from
one cloud to another

Managed Cloud Services

As cloud environments gain popularity, companies need to secure and update on-premise and cloud infrastructure periodically.

CCS Cloud service offers an all-in-one solution covering every aspect of cloud lifecycle management to meet growing business needs. With a certified and proven approach of optimizing cloud services, we provide end-to-end management of both public and private cloud. Our deep expertise in managing large cloud environments for ERP and B2C applications helps us offer comprehensive services to clients who manage business services on the cloud.

Service Offerings

Cloud Optimization Services

Cloud Monitoring & Management

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Security Automation

Identity & Access Management

Office 365 Migration

Office 365 is a collaboration suite that offers the complete suite of business tools like Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, and Skype for enterprises.

Our automated approach in migration ensures a seamless transfer of on-premise and offline data, consisting of mailboxes, documents, and critical project files, to Office 365 with zero business downtime. We deploy Office 365 services effortlessly without having to wait for your IT teams to install and provide access.

Service Offerings

Cutover Migration

Migrate all mailboxes at once, suitable for Zimbra or minimum users.

Staged Migration

Batch wise migration of mailboxes and server setup, suitable for large organizations

Hybrid Migration

Migrate using integrated exchange server and office 365 cloud, suitable for companies holding a lot of data on-premise

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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Solution Provider

Make sure your customers get a highly adaptable, seamless, and consistent experience with Adobe Experience Manager supported by CCS experts.

What is an AEM?

Adobe defines it as a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms. It helps web designers and developers provide the best user experience possible across screens. With CCS Adobe Experience Manager experts, you can bring personalised, content-led experiences to the market faster.

Service Offerings
AEM Features

Digital Asset Management

Creative Dashboard

Cloud Integration

Content Personalization

Media Conversion & Video Management

What you get with CCS Technologies

Make sure your customers get a highly adaptable, seamless, and consistent experience with Adobe Experience Manager supported by CCS experts

AEM experts to run your ideas by

Flexibility in deployment type & CI/CD software

Over 4 decades of experience in IT services

Liberty to choose your infrastructure

24x7 support & monitoring

CCS AEM Services

A broad range of AEM services are available from CCS Technologies and our aim is to help you deliver quality digital experiences to your users, audience, clients and more.

CCS Engineers help a media giant tackle latency issues with Cloud Automation: Automated the periodic AEM server cache cleanup for performance & stability

Service Offerings

AEM Migration & Upgrade

AEM Managed Services

AEM Cloud Services

AEM Migration & Upgrade

Count on our dependable Adobe Experience Manager migration services, which include moving content, apps, and digital assets from the current CMS systems to Adobe Experience Manager. We help manage difficult migrations from systems including SharePoint, Drupal, Sitecore, and others and also help you with the setup upgrade for Adobe Experience Manager.

AEM Managed Services

Take advantage of dependable, round-the-clock support and maintenance services to better your understanding and use of Adobe Experience Manager. Adobe Experience Manager requires professional advice and assistance because it is a multi-variant piece of software to ensure smooth operations and to meet your company's content requirements.

Adobe Experience Manager Cloud Services

In order to create exceptional experiences across all screens, we support or manage Adobe Experience Cloud integrations and helo you make the most of the industry's top platform for marketing, analytics, advertising, and commerce. Drive content-led experiences and increase consumer engagement by utilising Adobe Experience Cloud's capabilities.

Stay on Top of Your Content Game with Our Engineers

For managing your content resources across many media, you may rely on the cutting-edge CMS Adobe Experience Manager. To come up with the finest solutions, however, platform expertise is actually what counts.

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